The first ever digital Military Challenge Coin NFT by US Veterans for US Veterans which connects Veterans with access, opportunities, and empowerment through NFTs.
  1. 1.
    Other Veterans along the journey that can help or be helped
  2. 2.
    Veteran service organizations
  3. 3.
    Family and friends
  4. 4.
    Veteran empowerment supports (individuals and organizations)


HAVE (Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment) is a US-based organization, led by US Military Combat Veterans and partners who possess extensive experience in investments, M&A, and real-estate. HAVE aims to boost and support Veteran-owned real estate and businesses as well as improve and inspire millions of Veterans through community contribution, elevation, and collaboration.
In order to expand their efforts into the new digital economy, HAVE created the HAVE NFT, the digital wing of the Humble Alpha Veteran Empowerment Movement. HAVE NFT connects real-world utility with the crypto space to support and empower Veterans by giving them access to NFTs, cryptocurrencies, digital art, Veteran healing initiatives, and digital real estate. Hope, community, and connection are at the core of HAVE NFT. The team's initial objective was to create an ecosystem that would serve as the central meeting point of all Veteran related projects. Through this ecosystem, the team has created a community that understands, supports, and inspires each other.
The foundational element, driving the HAVE NFT ecosystem, is Challenge Coin-inspired NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). An NFT is a digital asset that is a unit of data stored on the blockchain to represent and verify ownership that cannot be duplicated. This means that each NFT is unique, and every Challenge Coin-inspired HAVE NFT is one of a kind.
A Challenge Coin is a collectible coin or medallion which carries an organization or unit's insignia or emblem. The true origin of the Challenge Coin is unclear however, historic evidence suggests that Roman soldiers were awarded coins in recognition of their successes.
Traditionally, Challenge Coins would be given to prove membership of an organization or unit or to enhance morale and strengthen the Esprit de Corps. The coins were often presented by a unit commander to acknowledgement an accomplishment of a unit member.
Today, Challenge Coins serve a similar purpose and are held by members of a specific organization, such as the US military. Modern-day Challenge Coins are collected by military members, first responders, service members, and law enforcement personnel and may feature popular cultural attributes or organizational values.

A Connected World For & By Veterans.

Traditional Challenge Coins offer first and foremost emotional, historic, and traditional value to the military, first responder, and law enforcement communities.
HAVE NFT envisions a world where honor, respect, acknowledgement, and decade-old traditions are modernized to help serve a greater purpose in the digital age. By bringing Challenge Coins onto the blockchain, HAVE NFT creates a novel way to utilize these coins.
Challenge Coins turned into NFTs can be used to:
  • Re-connect with old friends, and connect with new ones
  • Gain access to exclusive and unique events
  • Acknowledge a friend or be acknowledged by a friend
  • Create opportunities for generating passive income
  • Gain access to asset-backed investments
  • Grow wealth through borrowing and holding NFT

4,444 Unique HAVE NFTs.

HAVE NFT is kicking off with 4 Batches of 1,111 Unique Military Challenge Coins based on the mascots of each military branch of the United States.
  • 1,111 Unique Veteran Bulldogs
  • 1,111 Unique Veteran Mules
  • 1,111 Unique Veteran Falcons
  • 1,111 Unique Veteran Goats
Disclaimer: All HAVE NFT Challenge Coins are custom expressive works of art. Our intention is to honor the Armed Forces and show our appreciation to those who have sacrificed so much.